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About Our Firm


Jeff Bahls is a retired attorney who is licensed to practice law in Utah and Pennsylvania. His legal expertise spans several decades, and he has made significant contributions to the legal community.


Although he is now retired, Jeff continues to provide low-cost legal services to those in need, demonstrating his commitment to access to justice.


At Bahls Legal, our clients are more than cases; they’re individuals with unique needs. We prioritize understanding their situations, tailoring legal strategies, and providing personalized guidance.

Main Practice Areas

Affordability without Compromise: Our ​commitment to low-cost legal services ​ensures that justice is accessible to all. We ​believe in fairness, not exorbitant fees.

  • General Counsel
  • Family Law/Custody Disputes
  • Criminal Defense
  • Estate Planning & Wills
  • Co​ntract Disputes
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Client Testimonials

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I had the privilege of working with Jeff Bahls from Bahls Legal, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Jeff’s commitment to his clients and his legal expertise truly set him apart.

-M​egan Whitmore

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Jeff took the time to understand my case ​thoroughly. He listened attentively, asked the right ​questions, and ensured that I felt heard and ​supported throughout the process. Jeff’s legal ​knowledge is impressive.

-J​osh Steffenson

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Communication was seamless. Jeff promptly ​returned calls and emails, keeping me informed at ​every stage. I never felt like just another client; he ​genuinely cared about my well-being. His attention ​to detail and thorough research made a significant ​difference in my case.

- Lance Montgomery